Monday, October 3, 2011

Press Conference of ADA Philippine Campaign 2011

Everything was already set - venue was ready; visitors were already settled in their respective seats as well as the panelists. Oops! where are the invited media people who would cover this event? Feared that nobody would come from the media because typhoon "QUIEL" (International Name: NALGAE) would hit Luzon, once more, just to try my luck, I tried contacting the media. Unfortunately, most of them regret to come because they were deployed in areas that would be affected by "Quiel" especially the northern part of Luzon. Too bad! I went outside the venue hoping the press would come.

Then suddenly one came from DWIZ, a radio network... another one came from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, most read broadsheet in the country... and finally the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN) arrived. We started the press conference at once. 

I felt relieved and the tension has gone. Despite all the challenges that may hinder Age Demands Action (ADA) Campaign in the Philippines -  with all the typhoons hitting the Philippines - the press conference was a success! Voices of older people are heard!

"TEMPORARILY SUSPEND SOCIAL PENSION IF IT DOES NOT BENEFIT THE MAJORITY OF THE ELDERLY POOR" written in big letters was made as a backdrop to catch attention of the press people. They stayed all through out the event and carefully listened to the panelists of their issues and concerns in the implementation of Social Pension.

Three older persons were among the panelists - Mr. Dioscoro Benalla, President of Confederations of Older Peoples' Associations of the Philippines, Inc. (COPAP); Mr. Roberto Garlitos, COPAP Vice-President; and Mr. Cris Migrino, of PILKAN; including Congressman Godofredo Arquiza. Other visitors came to represent LGU - Barangay Graceville in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

Articles were published in the broadsheet and in website. Below are the links:

     Seniors urge DSWD to stop 'social pension'

Union of Catholic Asian News
     Elderly Filipinos want better pensions
     Elderly Filipinos want wider pension coverage      
This is just a beginning of a much longer process of assuring proper implementation of the hard earned victory of older persons.

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